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The owner / operator of LaserEngrav.com is William Harrison who is a Certified Web Designer / Programmer and Graphic Designer, having Certification with Honours in 2000.

I started this form of Art as more of an interest and hobby, and therefor do this work as something I enjoy doing, and if my works I do for you the public brings some comfort and joy, then I am happy to assist you in my ideas and the Art form I have created..

Your feedback is more important to me than the money I charge, so please leave comments.


I'm 68 years old in 2021 and I'm no longer interested in bragging of my qualifications or skills I have, as I let my work speak for itself.


We are more than pleased with the work William has done for us and we had no idea what we really wanted as we are not artistic in any way, William gave us more than what we expected and very please with the work, as well as the price,. Thank you! William

L. Carlson - Alberta, Canada

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